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LearningRx Eden Prairie Blog

  • A Gift That Endures

    A Gift That Endures
    Two years ago, Joey’s parents gave him gave him a unique gift — one that would impact the rest of his life. As a second grader, Joey was clearly behind his classmates in reading ability. His parents ...
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  • Children Who Only See Trees

    Children Who Only See Trees
    Amy learned to read early. She preferred the library to the playground to avoid bullies and trying to fit in with other children. Her parents excused her loneliness as proof she was “so much smarter” ...
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  • Dyscalculia: Not “Just Bad at Math”

    Dyscalculia: Not “Just Bad at Math”
    Now that we know the brain is capable of change at any age, no one can use the excuse that they’re “just bad at math.” That also means you can’t blame your son’s algebra grade on bad genes, or your ...
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  • Do it for your Brain

    Do it for your Brain
    Most Americans know that exercise improves weight, blood pressure, sleep, and stamina. But what many people don’t realize is that one of the biggest benefits of exercise is what it does for our ...
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