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FREE Brain Quiz

How are your brain skills performing compared to those of your peers? You can find out in about three minutes. Thisonline quiz will give you an idea of why you are experiencing certain challenges and show you which brain skills may need to be targeted and strengthened to experience real change.

You can take this short online quiz for yourself—or you can learn more about the brain performance of someone you love by taking the test for a child or an adult you know well (and with whose struggles you are familiar).

Take The Quiz

Schedule an Assessment

For real answers, call us and schedule a Brain Skills Assessment for the person or child who is struggling. The assessment takes about an hour and will:

  • Pinpoint specific weaknesses that are holding you or your child back
  • Reveal the "why" behind struggles you may have been observing for some time
  • Provide a detailed look at your or your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Give you valuable insights into the next-best-step

The Assessment is reasonably priced–usually less than $299.
(price varies by location; ask your LearningRx Center for special pricing offers).

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