Homework Help

Many of the families seeking help at LearningRx do so because of homework frustrations. When one child feels defeated daily by homework assignments that seem daunting and difficult, the stress can take a toll on siblings and parents, too.

How quickly and easily someone learns is influenced by the brain’s core cognitive skills. These skills include short-term memory, long-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, processing speed, and logic & reasoning. These are the skills the brain uses to receive, process, and store new information, and it doesn’t matter if that new information is coming at us while we are listening to a classroom lecture, doing homework at the kitchen table, driving a car, or learning a new skill on the job.

Because all the cognitive skills work together to think, learn, and remember, even one weak skill can make life harder than it needs to be.

LearningRx brain training programs identify and work on weak cognitive skills. Many of our clients are struggling students, although teens and adults of all ages benefit from our programs as well.