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  • LearningRx, Inc.

    I came to LearningRx after years of emotional ups and downs. I struggled my whole life with with math, problem solving, organization and time management. I would get overwhelmed easy if asked to multitask to the point that it cost me jobs. 

    After the assessment and finding out that logic and reasoning and working memory were low, my struggles started to make sense and I felt some hope. I jumped into brain training with both feet and felt totally supported by Tito, my trainer and all the staff.

    I was so happy with my post assessment results. I went from 4 to 66 percentile in logic and reasoning and 15 to 52 percentile in working memory. I feel like my whole life has shifted. When things get tough, I work through it, instead of freezing up, and I'm not afraid to do anything math or numbers anymore. The best part is after being on anxiety medication for over 20 years, I don't need it anymore and feel confident that I can handle whatever comes my way.

    Huntington Beach, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Seth always struggled with homework.  He would yell at us to be quiet and couldn't handle any distraction.  After LearningRx, he can do his homework anywhere!  He can handle background noise and still stay focused and best of all we don't get yelled at anymore :)

    He has had improvement in all his cognitive skills and we feel confident now, that he is entering middle school, that he can handle the extra workload and thrive.

    Thank you LearningRx!

    Costa Mesa, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “My son Aaron graduated from High School in 2015. He took up an interest in Bagpipes and eventually decided to attend college at Monmouth because of their strong history/classics program their bagpipe band. Aaron's second semester of college was extremely rough! He slipped into academic probation which set him back a semester, this would continue to hang over his head all of junior year as well. But he never gave up! Aaron drew upon all the training that Learning Rx and Schuyler instilled in him. Aaron went to tutoring, office hours, fellow students, and even his academic advisor! Aaron put in the extra work and got himself out of probation. At the end of his Junior year in 2018, Aaron got to preform two choral masterworks and debut two new pieces at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the Monmouth College Choir. During Aaron's senior year, he was more focused in his school work, and it payed off! His grade point went up and he was finally out of probation; unfortunately the damage was done, and he could not graduate with his class as intended. But that did not stop him! The fall semester of 2019, Aaron worked hard to finish up his classes and completed his Major and two minors. Aaron owes a debt of gratitude to Learning Rx and Schuyler. Without the training he received during his time there, he would've easily given up after Sophomore year, but he didn't! Now Aaron is a soon to be Monmouth College Alum. Aaron's plans for after college are to enroll into Historicorp and start his career in historic preservation and work towards a graduate certificate at two colleges. He's looking for more education in historic preservation. Aaron's road is not yet finished, but there is much more schooling to go! Aaron anticipates at least another two years of schooling if not more. Learning Rx has helped Aaron outside of the scholastic world as well. Learning Rx has helped him focus when playing bagpipes as well as in everyday life. Aaron wants to include this quote from Yoda in Star Wars Episode 8: "The greatest teacher, failure is" ~Yoda. No matter how hard the journey is anyone can succeed if they put their mind too it and give 100%”

    Mount Pleasant

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “In November of 2018, I started training one on one with my trainer at the McLean, Virginia office. Originally, I started brain training because of low reading comprehension and retention. I'm a teacher by trade and this weakness had caused me to question whether I should remain in teaching. In June 2019, I ended my training with many new skills. 1. I can read a text and understand what it says in both fiction and nonfiction. 2. I participate readily in meetings at work. 3. My empathy for kids and adults has grown leaps and bounds toward people with disabilities. 4. Relationships have become easier in that I'm often able to stick up for myself when previously, it was difficult. 5. I've started incorporating what I've learned at Learning Rx in my classes. 6. I have a renewed mindset to not shrink back from trying new things. I've picked up several hobbies, when before it was only 'work work work!' 7. Lastly, my anxiety level has decreased. Before, I was anxious just thinking about class, school, and work. Now, the anxiety doesn't take me down anymore. In June, I was sad to end the training, but I know now I'm enjoying life, instead of hiding from it. If you are thinking that you are too old, you are not. I encourage you to just do it!”


  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Couldn’t be happier with the results from this amazing place. As an adult it has helped me leaps and bounds.”

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “The staff and trainers at Learning RX are amazing. My son has confidence now and homework is no longer a battle. And he now loves reading!”

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “As a test prep expert, I have worked with the staff at Learning Rx for over 4 yrs and find them to be awesome. Their understanding of the workings of your student's brain is second to none. They are very good at helping children and adults struggling with learning, reading, remembering & paying attention.”

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Thank you so much for helping us find the bright, smart, funny little boy that we all knew was there.”