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Girl goes from flunking tests to passionate about learning

Girl goes from flunking tests to passionate about learning

LearningRx Personal Brain Training Reviews New Student Success

From flunking tests to passionate about learning

One-on-one brain training company LearningRx is celebrating the incredible success of Harley, a young race car driver and finalist in LearningRx’s national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country.

At the end of third grade, Harley was behind her grade level in reading and math and she was flunking her multiplication tests. “I was kind of sad that I was left behind,” says Harley. “One person said I was a loser and the rest laughed at me.”

Her mother says that a typical night of homework “was like World War III. It would have me in tears.”

“The second day of fourth grade, Harley came home crying because they had done an assessment test to see where everyone was and she had failed it,” says her mother. “Students in her group had laughed. The next morning I called LearningRx.”

Since completing LearningRx, Harley is flourishing. Her mother says she has gone from “defeated” to “passionate” and her grandmother agrees, saying Harley has gone from “discouraged” to “excited.” Now Harley actually loves going to school! She’s getting B’s in “really hard math” and has moved on to geometry. Her reading level went from a 2.5 to grade level.

Harley says that LearningRx helped her memorize her math facts and her reading. Now she loves reading the Little House series! Harley plans to be a paleontologist and a race car driver. Her grandmother says that Harley is really proud of herself that now she can remember all the dinosaur names.