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  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Great location with friendly staff.”


  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “LearningRx is all about results. No matter what you are struggling with, they can help and make learning fun again!”


  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Samar came to us as a very accomplished woman. A successful pharmacist and vice chair of a huge non-profit in Orange County, her passion has always been to support and impact the lives of others.

    Samar noticed as time passed, that she was losing her sharpness. She would forget things and it was harder to stay focused. She started to feel overwhelmed, at times, which affected her peace of mind and clarity. She wanted her edge back and had two goals; to speak in public without forgetting her speech or losing focus and to start her first book.

    Samar loved the enthusiasm of walking into the center and bonding with the brain trainers. She also enjoyed being in the training room with students of all ages and learning how to block out distractions.

    As her booster program concluded, Samar mentioned the big leaps she felt in her focus and memory. She is more attentive in board meetings and able to remember details from past conversations that helped her decision-making.

    Experiencing more clarity and confidence, Samar felt her peace of mind returning. She loves that she is able to process information faster and is taking on more challenging projects without a feeling of doubt or overwhelm.

    Samar has achieved both her goals where she is now speaking publicly with great audience engagement and is consistently receiving invitations to speak. She also finished her first book and started the second!

    Tustin, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Before LearningRx, Seth had trouble with attention and focus in the classroom. He would tune out and miss a lot of the teaching. His grades were inconsistent and his parents were concerned and wanted to get to the root cause of this inconsistency.

    Seth always felt anxious when it came to math and didn’t trust his abilities. Although he had great vocabulary, his reading and word problems were a great struggle. Homework time was a nightmare! He was always procrastinating and he needed complete silence to focus and get it done. When things were challenging, Seth would easily become frustrated and give up. This affected his confidence in a big way.

    Throughout his brain training program, Seth felt improvements that boosted his confidence and he felt more capable of expressing himself. His memory became stronger which helped him retain information, focus better in class and be more consistent with his grades. He mentioned that math became easy and his father is happy that he now does his homework independently even in the presence of distractions or loud noises.

    One of his biggest achievements now is his persistence and confidence in conquering any new challenge without hitting frustration levels or shutting down. Feeling more independent, capable and confident, empowered Seth to take himself to another level where he has now joined the StudyRx program for a head start to the next academic year.

    Costa Mesa, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    When I started, I didn’t remember many things. On tests I got a B or below. LearningRx changed that and my main point is that, if you have trouble remembering things, you should go to LearningRx. They fully supported me the entire time. The activities were fun and interactive and very hands on. I had improvement in many areas and now I remember things much easier. I would recommend LearningRx to everyone!

    Lake Arrowhead, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Zoe was going to be held back a year, but after LearningRx, she moved confidently to the following grade. Homework moved from a struggle to being done in school and she is now helping her younger brother. As her mom, I'm over the moon and cherishing the valuable time they are spending together.

    Santa Ana, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Falon was dyslexic and school was a big challenge. After her program at LearningRx, she is reading chapter books and loving school. She is reading out loud in her class and her confidence has skyrocketed. I'm so happy we found LearningRx, the staff and trainers are amazing, supportive and they really care about getting life changing results for their clients.

    Huntington Beach, CA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Coming into Learning RX I felt a bit skeptical. I read the reviews of people, but being honest, I wasn’t sure if maybe they were fake. The initial test was really weird but I needed to make a change in my life to improve not only my grades, but even my thinking style. I didn’t know how I felt after the test but the results showed me how much I needed to improve in some areas that I never knew were hindering my life. Seeing this I decided to take the jump and go in full force into the program and training sessions. My brain trainer, Tito, was just what I needed. The training started kind of “slow and easy” but quickly ramped up. Tito pushed me to my best (maybe seeing my competitive spirit). I progressed slowly but then one day at the office I noticed that I was able to recall more things than was able to previously. I also realized that I was reading better than before and actually retaining information that I would read, something that NEVER happened before. I have even noticed that I actually analyze information a bit differently and now starting classes I catch on quicker to the material that previously blew over my head. This has not only helped with learning but also my confidence in myself. While the biggest indicator is ahead, as I start school again, looking back at the program, I feel more ready than ever before”

    Newport Beach, CA