Brain Training


Brain Training:

Could a higher IQ change your life
or the life of someone you love?

Brain Training

LearningRx specializes in making kids and adults of all ages measurably smarter through research-based programs that train the brain. Our unmatched results speak for themselves. In fact, students test higher in IQ—an average of 15 points higher—after completing our brain training programs.

While tutoring focuses on re-teaching information, LearningRx's one-on-one brain training programs strengthen cognitive skills. These are the skills that create IQ and determine how quickly and accurately we receive and process information. In other words, brain training strengthens the lifelong skills necessary to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

With more than 80 brain training centers across the country, LearningRx has helped thousands of students, career adults, seniors, and accident victims experience sharper memory skills, better concentration, and faster thinking. Isn't it about time you discovered what brain training can do for you or someone you love?

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