Cognitive Skills

Every day at school, work, or in life, we are bombarded with information via our senses. It’s up to the brain to receive, process, store, and access that information as we need it. Handling incoming information well can give us the tools we need to succeed in school, work, and life. And the power to do all that comes from the brain’s core cognitive skills.

The brain’s cognitive skills include long- and short-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, processing speed, and logic & reasoning. These are also the same skills that IQ tests measure in order to determine IQ.

Working together, all of these cognitive skills play important roles in processing new information. That means if even one of these skills is weak, no matter what kind of information is coming your way, grasping, retaining, or using that information is impacted. (In fact, most learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.)

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