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HEAV Friends & Family Benefit - $99 Cognitive Testing & Results Consultation

Virginia Residents Only


LearningRx is pleased to offer friends and families of HEAV a 45-minute standardized cognitive skills assessment plus a 1-hour results consultation with a LearningRx center director for only $99. The non-HEAV member fee for this is $249-$299.

The digital Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills takes only 45 minutes to complete and can be taken from a laptop or tablet. It will evaluate your child’s brain skills like long- and short-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, attention, processing speed, and logic & reasoning—essentially the skills that make up his/her IQ, ability to pay attention, and capacity to learn, think, read and perform in school, on the sports field AND in life. Over 80% of learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills. So, if your child is frustrated and you are regularly switching curriculum, just looking for something to which he/she will respond, why not uncover the likely underlying cause and learn if something can be done about it (train it), versus accommodating it year after year?

The test is normed and validated, supported in peer-reviewed literature, and has been administered by educators, psychologists, neurologist, audiologists, speech & language professionals, and brain training professionals around the world. Click to watch an intro to the Gibson Test.

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In your private consultation, the LearningRx center director will review the skills tested, why they matter for easier learning and provide your child's comprehensive skills report. They will also ask you about any goals you have for your child and determine if one-on-one cognitive training can help him/her achieve those goals, by strengthening any identified cognitive weaknesses. The consultation will bring the results to life, and you’ll experience that “aha!” moment where you’ll understand just exactly how to address the biggest struggles.

Let LearningRx help you hop off the Curriculum Carousel!

Help for Those Outside of Virginia

While this offer is only valid for HEAV members who are Virginia residents, LearningRx has locations around the country as well as online, virtual options.

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Click the image below to download your copy of LearningRx's Research Results & Client Outcomes

Results Outcome Book

Finding the Root Cause of Your Child's Learning Struggles

Dr. Amy Moore's brief presentation at the HEAV's 2021 Homeschool with Confidence Conference. Watch it if you keep switching up curriculum each year, trying to find something to which your child will respond.

Five Facts About Reading & Why Reading Programs Fail

Dr. Amy Moore's HEAV presentation on why reading English is so complicated and why most reading interventions fail. Watch it if you have a struggling reader.

What’s the Big Deal About Cognitive Skills?
Dr. Amy Moore and Kim Hanson's seminar supporting HEAV's free Gibson Test offer Fall of 2020. Watch it if you have a child struggling to focus, remember, think quickly, solve problems, read or comprehend and you don't know why.

The LearningRx Process
LearningRx's explanation of the various cognitive skills children use to learn and how brain training strengthens those skills. Watch it if you've wondered whether or not one-on-one brain training might help your learner.

Unlock the Einstein
Download Dr. Ken Gibson's book here

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