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LearningRx - Tysons

8321 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 130
Vienna, VA 22182

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Tysons Cognitive Skills Training Programs

Results-Driven Brain Training Center for Adults & Children in Tysons & Vienna

Over the course of the last 35 years, the team at LearningRx has been providing adults and children with programs that help with learning, reading, understanding, and memory struggles. Our one-on-one brain training center in Tysons pairs students with their own trainers for challenging and engaging mental exercises that target the underlying skills critical for learning and performing. Backed by decades of research, our programs have helped enhance the lives of over 100,000 clients by giving them the push they need to break through learning barriers.

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

By pairing students up with their own trainer, LearningRx - Tysons can personalize a program that will strengthen the weak skills that are pinpointed by our Brain Skills Assessment. We are continually modifying and improving our services to ensure optimal results. Whether you are struggling with ADHD, dyslexia, reading comprehension, or any other learning challenges, we can design a program that will target your specific needs. Take our free online brain quiz today!

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  • Who Who We’ve Helped

    Our programs have helped the cognitive performance of clients with a variety of struggles. Find out if cognitive skills training can make life easier for you or a loved one.

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  • What What Is Brain Training?

    Brain Training is a series of intense yet enjoyable mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads, and remembers.

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  • Why Tutoring vs. Brain Training

    Tutoring is a resource for delivering material for additional understanding, while brain training can help improve weak cognitive skills to help enhance learning abilities.

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  • How Research & Science

    35 years of research and studies related to cognitive skills training have resulted in the unprecedented gains we have seen in our one-on-one brain training.

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Maureen Loftus
Maureen Loftus

Meet The Owner

Center Story - Tysons

During the long journey raising a special needs daughter I often said to my husband, “If I can figure out McKenna, I am going to start a business based on the solution because I will be able to help so many families”. After experiencing the life changing impact LearningRx had on McKenna, I knew I discovered the next business I was going to apply my decades of business experience to leading.

McKenna does not have a diagnosis that explains the countless challenges that she faces including delays in every category of development, cognitive delays, numerous medical issues and more. I was told she would never learn anything academic and would be challenged to feed/dress herself. But I never gave up and researched every potential intervention/treatment possible and tried many of them. The one intervention that made a significant difference is LearningRx brain training.

I knew that I wanted to open my first center in Vienna where my children grew up and attended school. Our children have since completed high school attending Wolftrap ES, Kilmer MS and James Madison High School. As a result, we personally know many of the families that we serve which makes the impact mean so much more.

Over the last decade, we have worked with thousands of families from the Vienna, McLean, Arlington, Dunn Loring, Oakton and surrounding areas. I am active in the community serving as a board director of non-profits, spearheading school-based programs and more.

Board Positions:

  • NoVA-DC CHADD Board Member
  • Tysons Chamber of Commerce – Board Member and Chair, Youth and Education
    • Annual Chamber Stars Award Banquet (include picture)
    • Annual Job Shadow Program (include picture)
  • Washington Regional Board of Directors for Washington University of St. Louis

Actively involved in:

  • ADHD Resource Group
  • Vienna Business Association

Speaker on topics to help families navigate the complex, competitive academic landscape of Northern Virginia include:

  • Active Study Methods
  • What’s the Big Deal about Cognitive Skills?
  • The Amazing Changing Brain
  • Brain Training at Home
  • The 7 Cognitive Profiles of ADHD
  • The Aging Brain: How to Keep our Brains Sharp

Maureen frequently shares her cognitive training expertise on local television news shows including:

  • Fox5 DC: Good Day DC
  • WJLA7 (ABC) Good Morning Washington
  • WUSA9 (CBS) Great Day Washington
  • Local DMV

Prior to opening her first LearningRx brain training center, Maureen lead several companies in the life sciences and financial technology industries. Prior to leading companies, Maureen provided management consulting services for over 10 years. Today, Maureen continues to consult for leading technology companies and provide contract-CFO services to smaller companies to keep her brain sharp.

Tysons Awards:

Education Elevator Award – 2018 (from the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Customer Service Awards (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020)

Pace Setter Award - 2011

Community Impact Award – 2012 and 2017

Student of the Year Award - 2013

Student of the Year Runner Up - 2014


What Our Clients Are Saying

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  • "This is the first time in my life I feel like I can take any class in college and know I can pass it. Before I would choose ..."

    - Miranda

    From Mechanicsville, VA
  • "As a home school mom, I have seen big changes in our daughter this year. She is now not only reading with out tears but ..."

    - JZ

    From Annandale, VA
  • "Our daughter gained the confidence and processing skills she needed to improve her reading and math. The trainers were both ..."

    - mother of Ainsley, age 12

    From Arlington, VA

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What Are Cognitive Skills?

Many struggles with learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills. At LearningRx, we identify weak skills using a comprehensive Cognitive Assessment, and then we target and train those skills by pairing clients with personal brain trainers for fun, challenging exercises for the brain. We call it brain training. Our clients call it life changing. To see a snapshot of the cognitive abilities of a child or adult who is struggling to learn or read, take our Learning Skills Discovery Survey. It’s a short, 3-minute questionnaire you can take for yourself (or for someone else) that can give you insights regarding the cause of the struggle.

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