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  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Learning RX had an enormous impact on our son, so much that we eventually had our other 2 younger children evaluated. I love that the programs offered are tailored to your child's specific needs. I have also been very impressed with the personal touch LRX offers - trainers go above and beyond to connect with kids, and so often I have had long conversations with the program director who offer their personal support and insight which I have deeply appreciated. The people at LRX never make you feel rushed, and everything you discuss is so truly important to them. Your child is not just a number - they care so much about each child they help and the results I have seen in all 3 of my kids, who needed the program to varying degrees, have been truly amazing. It is not a "one size fits all approach", as all my kids tested differently, and the approach for each was very specific to areas where they struggled. Very grateful to LRX and would highly recommend the program.”


  • LearningRx, Inc.

    Our son was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. LearningRx has helped Jack improve his focus, ability

    to learn and his ability to read. He will be the first person to tell you that LearningRx is why he is doing so much better in school. He did so well that when we learned that his younger brother was also struggling in school, we immediately signed up to give him the same help”

    Vienna, VA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “I think this was the hardest thing our family has ever done. It was so worth it! Our son has been demonstrating a calm confidence. He has shown a vast improvement in reading comprehension and his ability to focus. His work is more detailed, complete and turned in on time. His test grades have come up greatly. Most importantly his once strained relationship with his father is now gone. I have my family back. Thank you LearningRx.”

    McLean, VA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Our daughter gained the confidence and processing skills she needed to improve her reading and math. The trainers were both loving and provided the tough love needed for her to gain endurance. Maureen treated our family like an extension of her own. Her advice was helpful in navigating the school system to ensure our daughter's learning success.”

    Arlington, VA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    “Academic performance dramatically improved as our daughter achieved a 3.97 for this most recent semester in high school. Additionally, she is experiencing much less anxiety and frustration this school year. Last year, our daughter often felt overwhelmed and had difficulty keeping up with her studies and other commitments/responsibilities. We are thankful for the success that she is enjoying now in school, work and extracurricular activities.”

    Falls Church, VA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    As a home school mom, I have seen big changes in our daughter this year. She is now not only reading with out

    tears but independently. She is understanding math concepts and demonstrating more knowledge. She is able to keep her attention for longer time periods and work independently. I couldn't say any of that before we

    started LearningRx”

    Annandale, VA

  • LearningRx, Inc.

    This is the first time in my life I feel like I can take any class in college and know I can pass it. Before I would

    choose the lowest level classes but I couldn't pass them. I made LearningRx my priority driving 1.5 hours each to train. Midway I read my first entire book. After that I kept reading books! My trainer really knew me andmade the time fun and challenging. I am so happy to have found LearningRx.”

    Mechanicsville, VA