Warren Brain Training & Skills Center

Warren Brain Training & Skills Center

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Marcia Douglas, Owner and Executive Director of the LearningRx Warren Brain Training Center in Warren, New Jersey. I would love to meet you and introduce you to our team. We’re located at 34 Mountain Boulevard, Building C (next to the Fulton Bank) in the center of Warren, NJ. If you’d like to reach us by phone you can call us anytime at (908) 22-BRAIN (222-7246).

As a former education law attorney and a mother of five children, I know from personal and professional experience that LearningRx offers solutions that traditional teaching and tutoring do not. I am passionate about LearningRx brain training because of the many benefits it can bring to people of all ages, and because I have personally experienced how LearningRx brain training helped my own family.

I hope you will stop by and see us. I would be glad to personally give you a tour of our Center, and share with you some stories about how we’ve used cognitive skills training to help people overcome persistent learning struggles or to gain a competitive edge.

With just one visit to our Warren Brain Training Center, I am confident that you will see, like I did, that this is not your typical tutoring program and you’ll understand why the testing and training techniques we use are revolutionary and life-changing. We help students of all ages—children and adults—build their brains to enhance their cognitive skills and to achieve their potential to learn, read, and succeed in school and life.

Come see how we can help you or someone you love. Give us a call, stop by our center in Warren, or e-mail us with any questions you may have at [email protected] We look forward to meeting you!

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Can brain training change a kid’s entire life?
You decide.

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