Right Brain Exercises

Right Brain Exercises
Right Brain Exercises

To understand the basis for right brain exercises, it is important to understand how each hemisphere of the brain works. The right brain, in general, is responsible for visual processing, big picture thinking, intuitive processing and processing ideas simultaneously. Doing right brain exercises will help enhance those functions. Conversely, since the left brain is the hemisphere that is analytical, it processes step by step and is verbally oriented. Left brain exercises would help boost those processes. A right brain exercise might entail performing tasks that stimulate visual usage, intuitive thinking, etc. Right brain exercises might be things like painting or drawing that use the right brain functions of visual processing.

Right brain exercises: Games
Right brain exercises would also include games that involve strategy or working through various tasks simultaneously. These games require that you take a look at things as a whole and at times think outside of logical deductions to achieve the goal. This would also help build up function in the right hemisphere. Most of these types of right brain games and exercises are simple to learn but can quickly increase creativity, rapid thought processes, greater concentration and memory, musical aptitude and intuition. The right hemisphere of the brain learns intuitively by absorbing and understanding photographic, tactile and sound images in fractions of a second. The right brain has also been referred to as the image brain. When right brain games, accelerated learning lessons and exercises contain elements that stimulate and develop both right and left brain functions, we have complete whole brain learning taking place. An online search will reveal a number of home video games that are specifically designed to help the right brain, as well as the left.

Right brain exercises: Action
By doing right brain exercises only, we deprive our brains of balance. Research has shown that the overall brain works more efficiently if we not only work the side that is dominant for us, but spend some time working the less dominant parts. Simply, right brain exercises will be beneficial to left brained individuals and left brain exercises will help right brainers. Building up both sides actually serves to facilitate better interactions between both halves which gives your brain a more well-rounded ability. As with physical exercise, the brain is best helped if the exercise is regular and not sporadic. The brain, like a muscle, works on the "use it or lose it principle." The more inactive we let certain parts of our brains become, the harder it is for us to perform. The more we work them the easier it is for us to use those functions. At LearningRx, we train the brain for success. We guarantee our results. Call a LearningRx Center near you or check us out at www.learningrx.com.

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