Left Brain Exercises

Left Brain Exercises
Left Brain Exercises

Left brain exercises boost our overall brain processes. The left brain is the hemisphere that is analytical, processes step by step, and is verbally oriented. Left brain exercises help boost those processes. For the left side, you would need left brain exercises that require word usage, logical reasoning or step by step processing. Brain teasers or word puzzles would be a couple of good examples that utilize the left hemisphere and strengthen its function. Spelling and math activities are also good left brain exercises. These processes are done predominantly in the left hemisphere so the more you use them the more neural connections are built in that part of the brain, increasing function. Basically any task or test that involves deductive reasoning, working through a problem in a sequential order, or working with distinct facts and figures will enhance this part of the brain and how it works. Whether you need a good dose of left brain exercises or right brain, the point is to get that brain in shape.

Left brain exercises: Conditioning
Left brain exercises require conditioning. The left brain uses logic, is detail oriented, knows facts, concrete words and language, math and science, acknowledges order/pattern perception, is reality based, and forms strategies. Left brain exercises include doing crossword puzzles. This will use your deductive reasoning in reverse of how you use it when solving a crossword puzzle. This is a real left brain workout. Choose crossword puzzles that are different with different themes. Choose ones that focus on nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Conditioning exercises like crossword puzzles improve mood and develop language, math and other uniquely human skills. Recent scientific discoveries show that neuron-building exercises can develop left hemisphere performance to solve real world problems and stimulate positive attitudes. The left side of the brain helps solve real-world problems and is responsible for seeing the positive side of life.

Left brain exercises: Action
Left brain exercises help right brain thinkers. The left and right brain functions are responsible for differences in people and the way they process information. Whether you use your left brain and right brain together or have a dominant half explains a great deal about how you learn and express yourself. Although many people think artists are right-brained, this isn't always the case. For example, some artists plot out their painting long before the first brush stroke, which would indicate left-brained planning. When our senses are developed, especially in young children, we have the potential to be a Mozart, de Vinci or Einstein. The fact is that all successful people have right brain inner senses well integrated with left brain outer functions. That's how they get so much done for so many people. If you have friends that are excellent chess players, or are excellent artists, for example, know that having well developed right and left brain functions plays a large role in their success. Train your brain for success at LearningRx. We have centers all over the United States. We guarantee results. Call a LearningRx Center near you or check us out at www.learningrx.com.

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