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Help for Learning Disabilities

Reach New Heights with Cognitive Skills Training

Do you or a loved one struggle with learning or performing in school, work, or elsewhere? Learning disabilities are very common among children and adults. Instead of being frustrated, you should trust LearningRx to help you or your loved one with improving cognitive skills. We are a one-on-one brain training center that pairs clients with trainers for fun mental workouts that help improve performance and enhance life.

If you are looking for help for a child or an adult who is struggling in school, you probably already know that there are two factors that contribute to successful learning:

  • Strong educational content
  • Strong cognitive skills to process that content

The brain uses a foundational set of cognitive skills to think, learn, and perform mental tasks in school, on the job, and in life. These skills include attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning, and overall processing speed. And because all these skills work together, even one weak skill can hinder thinking, learning, and performance.

LearningRx strengthens weak cognitive skills through a series of challenging but enjoyable mental workouts consisting of game-like exercises. Clients of all ages work one-on-one with personal brain trainers for about an hour a day, with programs typically running between 12 and 32 weeks. The result? Dramatic improvements in cognitive performance.

Learn more about the characteristics of a learning disability.

Cognitive Improvements for Kids & Adults with Learning Disabilities

Over a nine-year period, 2,449 children and adults came to LearningRx
diagnosed with learning disabilities. We measured the cognitive performance
of these clients before brain training, and again after brain training.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • Among 2,449 clients who came to us with learning disabilities, the most dramatic improvements were seen in auditory processing, long-term memory, and broad attention.
  • Auditory processing, foundational for reading success, improved an average of 4.9 years.
  • The average gain in age-equivalent cognitive skill performance was 3.3 years.

Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:

Graph of Pre and Post Age Cognitive Performance

*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results.

Take the First Step Toward Cognitive Improvements

If you think cognitive skills enhancement and brain training can help make your or a loved one’s life a bit easier, we invite you to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment. It is reasonably priced, takes about an hour of your time, and will give us vast insight into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Our trainers will also be able to give you an idea of the best path for you and inform you about the next step. Find out if cognitive skills training is right for you or your loved one.

Ready to enhance your life with the help of our brain training programs? LearningRx is ready to help you. Reach out to our team today at (719) 264-8808 to learn more!

Learning Disabilities FAQ's

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Learning Disability?

undefinedA child with a learning disability or disorder will usually display multiple signs and symptoms of a learning disability.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Learning Disability:

  • Reading and writing struggles
  • Math struggles
  • Trouble telling the time
  • Memory struggles
  • Poor attention span
  • General performance struggles in school
  • Inability to stay organized
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Difficulty following directions

Can Learning Disabilities be Cured?

There is no cure for a learning disability. Using medicine to treat a learning disability is uncommon, but there are different types of interventions that can help children with a learning disability. Intervening as early as possible has helped reduce the impact of a learning disability in many individuals’ lives.

Click here to learn more about how interventions and brain training programs have helped thousands of children with a learning disability achieve significant gains.

Can You Outgrow a Learning Disability?

Children with a learning disability or disorder will not outgrow it. Some parents think that their child will outgrow their learning disability or disorder, which unfortunately, isn’t true. This is one of the biggest myths about learning disabilities.

In fact, many learning disabilities will continue with a child throughout school and into adulthood.

At LearningRx, our goal is to identify and address the cause of a child’s struggle with learning, reading, writing, paying attention, etc.

Click here to talk to a cognitive skills expert about your child’s biggest struggles.

undefinedHow Can I Help My Child with Their Learning Disability?

There are a number of interventions that are used to try to help children with learning disabilities.

The key to helping a child with a learning disability is using an intervention that focuses on the root cause of a child’s struggle, because many interventions only treat symptoms which can “mask” a child’s weaknesses.

Approximately 80% of learning challenges are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills that your child uses for learning and performing well in and out of school. If you can strengthen a child’s core cognitive skills, learning and life become much easier.

That’s why more and more families are turning to one-on-one brain training programs to take their child’s ability to learn, read, pay attention, process information quickly, and memorize information to a whole new level.

Click here to talk to a cognitive skills expert about how brain training has helped thousands of children with learning struggles and disabilities experience life-changing transformations.

Does Tutoring Help Children with a Learning Disability or Disorder?

Tutoring can be helpful for children with a learning disability, but it doesn’t uncover and address what’s causing your child to struggle with learning in the first place.

The reason our clients experience better brain performance is because we begin with a baseline brain skills test to understand the core areas of the brain that are performing well and the brain skills that are under performing.

Using clinician-delivered brain training exercises, we engage and strengthen our clients’ weak skills to a new and heightened level of performance. And when brain skills are stronger, our ability to learn, read, remember, and pay attention become stronger, too.

By strengthening these core skills, learning (and tutoring) become easier, because our brain is now is equipped to process, retain, and re-use information at will.

Learn more about the difference between brain training and tutoring.

Take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow with our free brain quiz! Once you’ve finished, reach out to your local LearningRx center at (719) 264-8808 to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment.

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