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Center Director Syndee Howgate has always been an advocate for learning that supports students and keeps them engaged. Syndee is an active volunteer in local schools and throughout the Fort Bend community. She is also a dedicated mother of two who understands the plight of parents whose children struggle with learning conditions.

“I can honestly tell parents, ‘I know how frustrated you are,’” she said. “Then I can witness the relief on their faces when brain training begins to make a difference for their child.”

This first-hand experience has helped Syndee attract families looking for a safe and engaging place to help loved ones overcome struggles with learning and retention.

Syndee’s LearningRx Story

Long before taking part in changing the lives of individuals with learning disorders, Syndee was volunteering her time as a class mom in her son’s kindergarten classroom. It was at that time that she started to notice her 5 year old was not at the same reading level as his classmates. She found it difficult to watch her son struggle to read. While teachers told her it was too early to worry about his development, Syndee trusted her gut and found research that indicated early intervention was essential. She knew the ‘wait and see’ method wasn’t an option for her, so Syndee continued researching and looking for resources to help her child grow in his reading skills.

During that time, she discovered the LearningRx’s brain training program to improve cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, and reading. Syndee was so impressed with how well it worked for her own child, she knew other children and adults in her community could benefit significantly from the program. Syndee opened her own franchise location and began welcoming families from all walks of life into her business.

What Attracted Syndee to the Brain Training Program?

Once Syndee and her family found the brain training program and began implementing it, she saw tremendous strides in her son’s reading abilities.

Some of the aspects that attracted Syndee to the brain training program included:

  • One-on-one training with students without traditional workbooks
  • Trainers playing cognitive games with students
  • Trainers teaching parents how to help and continue the learning at home

Syndee’s son immediately took to the program and loved it. By the end of the training, his attention, reading, and comprehension had significantly improved. This ultimately attracted her to the program and encouraged her to become a franchise owner with LearningRx. Supporting families with the same situation as her son and helping them overcome their learning challenges were her main drivers when starting the business.

Now, Syndee has the great privilege of watching children like her son breakthrough learning roadblocks. She is most proud of the amazing and inspirational stories that come out of LearningRx graduates and how they stand by the techniques and tools used to help individuals. LearningRx’s approach to brain training goes beyond basic tutoring, helping improve attention, memory, and reading skills in ways that last.

Supporting Students & Adults from All Backgrounds

Learning conditions don’t usually follow a particular group or demographic. Anyone at any age can be diagnosed with a learning disorder, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Our team has helped students who hated reading find a love for it and allowed a soldier who lost half his brain on the front line of war to take back his independence and relearn everything again. LearningRx Center Directors like Syndee are creating reverent spaces for anyone to come in and get the one-on-one attention they need to overcome learning challenges.

For more information about our brain training services and the Sugar Land team, call us at (281) 429-8600.

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