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Why Hire A Brain Trainer in McKinney

Enhancing Lives at Our Brain Training Center

At LearningRx, we do more than just give you the tools and push you need to overcome learning struggles. We pair our clients with their own personal brain trainer for one-on-one mental workouts. This client/trainer relationship is one of the elements of our services that sets us apart from other brain training programs.

We compare our services to gym memberships. Working out in a fitness center isn’t something you do once and then stop—it requires regular commitment and dedication to achieve long-term results. Our cognitive skills training in McKinney is similar: We are a gym membership for the mind, with challenging yet rewarding mental exercises.

Praise from LearningRx Parents

We have science, research, testing, and development backing our brain training programs, but most importantly, we have satisfied parents who sing the praises of our services. We’ll let them speak about LearningRx themselves:

  • “As he began training with Mrs. Gloria, things started changing immediately. Our son actually stated that for the first time, he actually felt that he had partners (Mrs. Gloria and Mrs. Diana) that were on his side to support him in every way.”
  • “His trainer had a huge, positive impact on him, too, building his self-esteem and reviving that love of learning that is essential to educational success. It has been a pleasure for us to work with the local LearningRx team.”
  • “The trainer that our daughter had truly become a friend. She knew how to push her to her limits with time to laugh and recover. Would I recommend it to a parent? Unequivocally, yes!”
  • “Our trainers, Annie and Matt, were great! They were supportive and encouraging and they became like family. They truly cared about us and our success.”
  • “We have watched Peter blossom. Peter’s trainers (he had two different trainers) were so patient with him and knew exactly what to do to motivate him.”

Our Difference

At LearningRx - McKinney, we build relationships and get to know our clients, their cognitive abilities, and their struggles, and then customize a program that will fit their unique needs. Unlike online brain games, this interaction, encouragement, and accountability lead to better outcomes.

The one-on-one aspect of our cognitive skills training allows us to focus on:

  • Attitude by challenging clients to recognize and pursue their potential, learning to see failure not as something to be avoided at all costs, but as a temporary stepping stone to greater success
  • Confidence by encouraging struggling children and adults to fully engage, embrace challenges, recognize improvements, and celebrate gains
  • Customizing each training session and encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels

Learn More with Our Brain Skills Quiz

There’s a lot to understand about our services, so we invite you to take the first step toward getting a glimpse into what we can do. Our free online brain skills quiz takes only about three minutes and will help you understand the “why” behind some of the struggles you are experiencing.

After you take the quiz, if you’re curious to learn more, schedule a Brain Skills Assessment at our brain training center in McKinney. Our trainers (and you!) will get vast insight into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses and discuss your customized plan of action.

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