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Brain Training: Answers to Common Questions

Brain Training: Answers to Common Questions

Most children are participating in some form of distance learning this school year. While this may not be ideal for many reasons, there is one particular benefit: Parents have more insight into their child’s education. Consequently, many parents are realizing for the first time that their children struggle with reading, comprehension or math. Other parents who’ve worked extensively with special education programs in their district are realizing that, despite this intervention, their child continues to struggle.


When parents first hear about LearningRx, they come to us with many questions. Many parents have utilized the special education program in their district and haven’t seen results. Some have concerns that, if they work with our program, their child won’t have enough time to continue to pursue their sports and social activities. At the same time, others are concerned that our program will mean even more screen time for their distance-learning child.


At LearningRx, we offer a different approach. We call this method brain training.


Here’s a look at some common questions we hear from parents and how we address them as well as a little more information about how our brain training method works:


Our child already spends a lot of time on their schoolwork. How can I be sure they won’t feel overwhelmed by your brain training program?


At LearningRx, we strengthen your child’s cognitive skills that are integral to thinking, learning, reading, memory and attention. Many underlying skills are critical to performance and our wide variety of brain training programs target them all. While our resources are vast, the exercises we do with your child are challenging yet engaging and targeted to your child’s specific weaknesses. Exercises include games and activities that make learning fun while at the same time moving the brain into new ways of reading and processing information.


How will we fit your program into our child’s busy schedule?


We offer three variations of our program to suit each family’s individual needs: in-person, remote and hybrid. This allows parents to choose the option that works best for their child’s schedule and ensures that every child gets the help they need.


Check out what one happy parent has to say about our program:


teacher tutoring childWhen our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia we had no idea where to start. We came across LearningRx. We went to meet Lola and find out more about it. We left with a feeling of hope and gratitude that we found a place that would help our daughter. We were amazed to see the progress she was making in her memory and applying it to her classes at school. We appreciate Lola, Trish, and the rest of the staff that helped our daughter reach her goal. We highly recommend this place to help your child with brain training and also boost their self-esteem and turn the words "I can't do it" into "I can do it!”

Here’s another powerful testimonial:

When we came to LearningRx for help with our 5-year-old child, he was suffering with constant issues of frustration when trying to execute even simple multi-tasking events (such as being told to put his shoes in the caddy and to hang up his jacket). Such an event would result in a meltdown of head-banging and/or head-shaking and tears. His attention span seemed to be below zero before LearningRx. After 12 weeks of training, our child no longer does these things when he is frustrated. He copes much better when being asked to do two things at once. He is more pleasant and understanding when he does not get his way. He listens to directions, remains focused on tasks at hand, and completes tasks without as much frustration. He has since begun kindergarten and he has quickly learned to sound out small words and read short passages.


Success stories like this are why we do what we do! Check out more success stories here.

man teaching over webcam

We’ve tried special education programs and tutoring but nothing seems to work. How can we be sure this program will help our child?


While tutoring certainly has its place, the purpose of tutoring is to reiterate material that a student is struggling to grasp. Brain training, however, strengthens the brain to make learning and performance easier. In much the same way an athlete or musician trains their brain and their body to run a race or learn a difficult piece, we get to the heart of your child’s specific weaknesses and train the brain to overcome them so they can take their learning to the next level.


How soon can we expect to see results from your program?


Every child faces a unique set of learning challenges. When you enroll your child in our brain training program, your child will meet with their brain training coach one hour a day for 12-36 weeks, depending on which program is recommended to address your child's needs.


After completing their program, we conduct a second Brain Skills Assessment. This final assessment lets us measure changes in cognitive performance as seen in real-life improvements reported by clients or parents throughout the training period. Based on over 35 years of research we know that, on average, our clients gain about 15 points in IQ score, “move up” an average of 30 “places” out of 100 in memory skills and that struggling readers gain more than three years in reading skills after about 72 hours of brain training.


Do you have different payment options?


We believe in the transformative power of brain training and want to make it accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer various payment options including interest-free financing.


If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help your child grow in their focus, reading, comprehension, math and study skills, contact us at 281.201.0603 or complete our Contact Us form here!