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How To Help Your Child Learn Better at Home

How To Help Your Child Learn Better at Home

Children need a sense of structure. Likely, most things in their world have been flipped upside down this year. This can leave children feeling confused and anxious. There are two easy things we can do as parents to help add structure into our childrens’ lives in this time of uncertainty.

The first is simple: create a work station. Having an established “study spot” where your child goes to learn each day will help them get into the right mind set as they begin each day. This spot can be one that stays the same all day, or is converted into their workspace each morning when they get ready for school. Either way, they should be able to make their workstation their own.

Another great way to help children have a sense of structure is by creating a routine. Even though school looks different right now, that does not mean everything has to be done haphazardly. Creating a schedule for your child will help make sure they stay on track throughout the course of their day. Doing everything at the same time each day will help children know when to expect each activity. This includes waking up, eating meals, doing school, and play time.

Both of these things help children feel more grounded in knowing that, while many things have changed, some things can stay the same. When children have structure, they feel safe and secure. Let’s do what we can to give our children this sense of security!