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Three Tips to Get Your Child Reading

Three Tips to Get Your Child Reading

Do you have a child with reading struggles? Is it a big fight to get them to read? You’re not alone! Millions of children have reading struggles. So, what can we do? How can we get them reading? After all, they will never improve If they won’t even pick up a book!

Tip #1 Cater to their interests! Does your child like animals? Great! Find a book about it. Do they like cars or trains? Awesome! Get them a book about it. Children have naturally curious minds. If you find something they already want to know more about, it will be much easier than trying to force them to read something they have no interest in. Why would they want to read something they don’t care about? Leave the boring books to school time, find them books they will enjoy!

Tip #2 Make sure it is on their level. Just because a book sparks your child’s interest, does not mean it will be a breeze for them to read. Finding a book about animals or cars might be easy, but it might be a bit more in depth than they are ready for. If the book is too advanced, it will only lower confidence levels. Before letting your child choose a book from the library or store, check and make sure they will be able to read itIf the book is too advanced, it will only lower confidence levels.

Tip #3 Model the behavior you want. Many young children talk about how they want to be just like their parents. If you want them to read every night, start reading to yourself every night! Turn it into a family activity! The whole family can have a reading hour after dinner or right before bed. You can even take turns reading, they read a chapter, then you read the next one! Show your kiddos that you are not only passionate about their reading, you’re passionate about your own books too! You can tell a child all day long that reading is important, but actions speak louder than words.