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How to Talk to Your Child About Their Learning Disability

How to Talk to Your Child About Their Learning Disability

Children need confidence. When confidence is lost, learning becomes even harder. Talking with your child regularly about the way they learn will help ensure you always know how they are feeling. Parents must build confidence in children and make sure they know they are capable of doing hard things! Teach your child to be proud of who they are.

The words “learning disability” can feel like a heavy weight. The way you talk with your children about their diagnoses is important because the impact can change the way they view themselves. It is for this reason parents must speak with children at an appropriate level for their age and maturity. While you want to give them the proper vocabulary, you also need to explain the issues in terms they can understand.

Children often believe there is something”wrong" with them if they differ from the norms they perceive in their peer groups. Kids who learn at a different pace, or in a different way, from their peers may be especially vulnerable in this area. A diagnosis is not something to hide, or for which they should feel ashamed. This is why it is important to make sure your child has the best possible understanding of his or her diagnosis. Let them know it is ok to ask questions! The more they ask about their diagnoses, the more they will learn about themselves.

The diagnosis is easier to accept when a path to conquer it is also explained! Children feel hope when they learn that, although they struggle in their current state, they are not “stuck” here, and can achieve much growth through cognitive intervention. LearningRx has spent decades bringing this hope to families, then realizing those dreams through cognitive growth. When learning is easier, life is easier! Let us help your family next!