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10 Free Resources for Parents of Special-Needs Children

If you have a special-needs child, you know it can sometimes be a struggle to find information, resources and support. We’ve put together a list of 10 free resources to assist you in connecting with people and organizations that can help.

  1. The Reach for Me Network (

Founded by a single father of a son with Williams Syndrome, the Reach for Me Network’s tagline is “Caring for the caregiver™.” The organization’s mission is threefold: to provide a community of support to parents and related caregivers of special-needs children; to help caregivers of special-needs children save money using the leverage of group buying power; and advocating for caregivers in the areas of health insurance, legal services, prescription drugs, special education and more.

  1. Unlock the Einstein Inside; Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child (

Written by Dr. Ken Gibson, the founder of LearningRx, the nation’s largest personal brain training company, the book offers hope––and answers––to parents with struggling students and special needs children. It is available in hard copy through Amazon or as a free download through the website above.

  1. “Summer Planning for Children with Special Needs”(

This three page PDF by the Federation of Children With Special Needs is a great guide to determining your child’s needs, choosing a summer program and communicating with the staff to make the most of your child’s summer.

  1. Special Needs Resource Project (

Providing information and special needs resources, the SNRP is a basic guide for parents of children with chronic health issues, disabilities and special needs. There are tips, a newsletter, information on dependency determinations, letters of medical sufficiency, ramps, insurance, accessible spaces and more.

  1. Understood (

This one-stop source for those with learning and attention issues offers a wide range of information, advice and resources.

  1. My Special Education Learning Centre (

In addition to useful articles, a forum and interactive online activities, this site has lots of printable resources on topics like reading, communication, math, writing and more.

  1. There’s Sunshine Behind the Clouds; Surviving the Early Years as a Special Needs Mom (

Written by Andi Sligh, a mother of two children with special needs, this free downloadable book aims to let parents know they’re not alone on their journey.

  1. Getting Started; iPads for Special Needs (

This handbook (free to read online with registration) offers advice on choosing and using iPad accessories (e.g., Braille interfaces, wheelchair mounting, stylus, etc.) for the special needs user.

  1. “Parenting Special Needs magazine” (

This magazine for parents of special needs kids and teens offers great advice on everything from nutrition and fitness to water safety and special mobility and recreation resources.

  1. Caregiver Helper; A Guide for Caregivers & Their Friends and Family

If you have Amazon Prime you can borrow this Kindle book at no cost. (It’s $.99 on Kindle without Prime.) This guide is more for the friends and family of a caregiver, and how to help the caregiver.