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10 Brain-Boosting Travel Games for Under $10

Tired of hearing, “Are we there yet?” Prepare for the inevitable boredom that comes with a long car ride by stocking up on these brain-boosting travel games. Best of all, they’re all under $10!

  1. Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game ($6.55 on

This pack of 54 scavenger hunt cards has kids looking for things like a red car, a stop sign or a license plate with the letter Z.

Ages: 6+

Cognitive skills: attention, visual processing, processing speed

  1. Hangman – Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere ($9.99 on

The classic game is portable thanks to magnetic letters and body parts.

Ages: 5+

Cognitive skills: auditory processing, logic & reasoning, attention, visual processing

  1. Rory’s Story Cubes ($9.76 on

A pocket-sized creative story generator for all imaginations!

Ages: 8+

Cognitive skills: Problem-solving, logic and reasoning, creativity, visual processing

  1. Set Game ($6.95 on

Players review images on dealt cards for logical sets.

Ages: 4+

Cognitive skills: Sequential thinking, processing speed, visual processing

  1. Magnetic Chess ($7.49 on

Take your rooks on the road thanks to the power of magnets!

Ages: 8+

Cognitive skills: Visual processing, strategy, planning, analysis, attention

  1. Battleship – Travel Edition ($7.99 on

This classic game teaches kids to narrow down where their opponent has put their battleships.

Ages: 7+

Cognitive skills: Analysis skills, visual processing, logic and reasoning, attention

  1. My Word! ($5.98 on

Players search dealt cards and call out words using at least three cards.

Ages: 7+

Cognitive skills: Sound blending and segmenting, sequential thinking, word analysis, visual processing, processing speed

  1. Sequence ($9.99 on

If you like the regular version of this strategy game, you’ll love the convenience of the travel version!

Ages: 7+

Cognitive skills: Logic & reasoning, planning, problem solving, sequential processing, working memory, visual processing

  1. Rubik’s Cube ($7.48 on

Align the colors on the cubes so every side matches.

Ages: 8+

Cognitive skills: Visual processing, attention, problem solving, deductive reasoning, strategy

  1. 15 Puzzle ($4.42 at

Just scramble the puzzle then try to slide the numbers back in order.

Ages: 8+

Cognitive skills: Memory, attention, planning, visual processing

Look for games that are appropriate for your child’s age, as well as any cognitive weaknesses of which you’re aware. You’ll know they’re learning but they’ll just think they’re having fun!