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Four Tips for Making Math Fun

Four Tips for Making Math Fun

Does your child complain about math? Do they tell you its boring? You aren’t alone! Many parents struggle to get their little learners to enjoy math. Check out these tips for making math fun!

Sing about it: Everything is fun when it’s a song! Have you ever had a few lines of a song randomly get stuck in your brain all day? Repetition (such as a chorus in a song) helps our memory! Many teachers have learned this trick and created songs to sing in their classrooms. You can find these songs online, or maybe your child has already learned them. Whether you reuse songs you already know, or make up new ones, singing about addition or multiplication will help your student remember better!

Let them make their own equations: It is not often that children are in control. When they gain control of any kind, it feels like the coolest thing in the world! Why not use this to your advantage? Let your student take the reins by letting them create their own math equations to solve. By giving them the power to choose, you are letting them take learning into their own hands. Being in charge can be great motivation for children to get things done.

Turn it into a game: There is just something about a little bit of competition that makes things more fun. Use this to your advantage by making math a competition! Pull out those times tables and see who can finish the fastest. You only have one student? No problem! Have your little learning compete against themselves and see if they can beat their own fastest time!

Sweeten it up with candy: When first learning addition, multiplication, or division, It can be helpful to have a physical reminder of what the number represents. So, grab a big bag of smarties or M&Ms and start counting! Your child can use the amount of candy to represent their math equation. If they answer problems correctly several times in a row, celebrate with a piece of candy! What better way to make things fun than bribery?