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True Success: Thomas, 9 years old

Our son, Thomas, seemed to struggle quite a bit with following directions, particularly multiple-step directions. He also seemed to struggle in math and reading comprehension. We thought of getting a tutor, but we were concerned that the problem would not be solved with just tutoring.

We are very happy we stumbled across LearningRx. Since beginning the program, Thomas has progressed significantly. He understands and is able to follow multiple-step directions and is able to process them easier. I rarely have to go over his reading comprehension school work with him. This is a huge improvement since his homework took at least twice as long to get through before LearningRx brain training!

I am very happy with the results. I think he made such good progress because he enjoyed doing it. He loved working with his trainer and I enjoyed and appreciated her patience and encouragement for Thomas. What I like the most about the program is that he can continue to use brain training as necessary. We’ve had such good success! I have told several people about your program and will continue to do so.

Parents of Thomas
9 years old

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