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True Story of Success: Nolan, 7 Years Old

Nolan’s 1st grade teacher informed us at the end of the 2013-14 school year that she’d recommend we talk to our son’s pediatrician about his lack of focus and inability to sit still. It had become such a problem that he wasn’t able to finish simple tasks like coloring artwork; he was disorganized and wasn’t turning in his homework. Nolan was often asked to sit out in the hallway or at secluded tables to complete work. We were also struggling to get Nolan interested in reading; we were never able to find a book or book series that seemed to interest Nolan. Homework and reading was a struggle each night. He just didn’t want to sit down and do it, even though we knew he was fully capable. For our bright and very social boy, this was devastating news. To learn our child was struggling at school, when we knew he was smart and more than able to complete the work, it hurt. We knew we needed to do something to help him. We were not interested in going to the doctor for tests, a label or medication for our son. We thought there had to be other avenues to try first. We had sought out chiropractic care earlier in the year for Nolan in hopes that that would help his focus. While the chiropractor did yield some positive results, it did not completely help Nolan with his attention and focus issues. The chiropractor had mentioned the LearningRx program to us and so we went in for the evaluation and started a 16 week program for Nolan. The LearningRx staff was completely committed to Nolan and our family from the first phone call and Nolan’s trainer, Chris, was amazing! We were worried about the program pushing Nolan too far because his typical reaction to anything difficult was to give up. Sure, he had a few tough days of training, but Chris just seemed to know how to gently push Nolan a little further each time and eventually Nolan had more successes than challenges and the successes drove him to want to succeed and achieve more and more! It was so rewarding to sit and listen to Nolan’s success during his sessions and to see how much pride he had in his accomplishments was incredible. Now that Nolan has graduated from LearningRx, his life is different. He is still our amazing, smart, high energy, doesn’t-want-to-sit-still boy and we love that! The difference is he CAN and DOES sit still when it matters most. His 2nd grade teacher said that based upon the feedback from Nolan’s 1st grade teacher that he’s a different boy. He has had no issues sitting still, focusing and completing tasks at school this year. He’s learning to enjoy art class now that he can sit, focus and enjoy. He’s more organized and is turning his homework in daily like he’s supposed to. We rarely struggle to get him to sit down and do his homework and he’s a reading machine! I have no doubt that we made the right decision in choosing LearningRx for our son. It’s changed his life and it’s changed our life. Even the dynamics in our busy household of five are calmer since Nolan has completed the LearningRx program. LearningRx was a huge time commitment for the entire family and it is a journey of commitment that I will forever be thankful that we embarked upon. I would highly recommend the LearningRx program to anyone whose son or daughter is struggling in school; it’s a game changer and it’s a gift of a lifetime. And one of the coolest things is that Nolan recognizes the change in his abilities as well. He knows his brain was trained to do better and he embraces that. Thank you, LearningRx!

Stephanie, Nolan’s mom