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True Story of Success: Maggie, 6 Years Old

We started LearningRx nearly one year ago with our six-year-old daughter. She was struggling in Kindergarten. She could not remember a letter or its sound just moments after working on it. She was quiet and withdrawn. She hated school and said she was “stupid” and couldn’t do what other children could do. She worked with a resource teacher at school and we drilled her with flashcards and many different tools, nothing seemed to work.

Then we started LearningRx after searching our options. She was enrolled in the LiftOff program. In just six weeks our daughter started showing confidence and she was more cooperative in her lessons. Ms. Jody, her trainer, was magical. She knew how to get the most out of our daughter and reach her inner self. She came out of the LiftOff program able to write most letters and recite their sounds. Her concentration level and ability to focus increased dramatically, along with her confidence.

She started 1st grade after completing the program. After just a few weeks she came home and said, ‘Mom, I’m not behind anymore.’ She gets along well in class and participates. She still struggled with reading, so we signed up for the LearningRx reading program. Once again, Ms. Jody came into our lives like an angel. She encourages our daughter and us as parents. She has been able to find ways to keep lessons fun and exciting. Our daughter looks forward to her training. She has gone from not even wanting to be read to, to reading every night. We ‘share’ reading. She is excited to continue learning and reading. We are so pleased with LearningRx and Ms. Jody and likely will continue in some manner.

Jennifer, Maggie’s Mom