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True Story of Success: Logan, 15 Years Old

Our LearningRx experience far surpassed any expectations we had for our son, Logan. Before completing the program, he was considered a well-behaved young man that was lazy, unmotivated, and unfocused by his teachers. Although he exhibited signs of high intelligence, our son received as many Ds and Fs as he did As and Bs.

Logan is the one who actually found a LearningRx brochure in the trash can and essentially begged for help since the anecdotes and stories in the flyer sounded like his own personal story. As he began working with his LearningRx trainer, things started changing immediately. Logan actually stated that for the first time he actually felt that he had partners that were on his side to support him in every way.

We are especially grateful for the patience and support that his brain trainer provided each time she worked with him. Her encouragement led him to take ownership of his training and therefore, he studied tirelessly at home to meet his goal at completing the program successfully. As a result, our son received all As on his last report card (with the exception of one B at 89.4%), made All-Region Band, and received fourth place in the regional geometry contest at University of Arkansas!

Mother of a 15-year-old son