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True Story of Success: Jessica, 17 Years Old

We visited a LearningRx seminar and brought our daughter, Jessica. She is 17 years old. It wasn’t what she wanted to do that evening, but she came willingly. Jessica did wonder, “Is this where dumb kids go?” After watching the presentation and participating in some activities, Jessica said, “Well, I guess I’d do something like this, but I would never go to tutoring.” She saw the program as challenging and liked the idea of competing against herself to pass levels.

We were pleased with the care that was taken to place Jessica with a trainer. We feel her trainer was a great personality match for Jessica, and her trainer quickly moved Jessica to difficult levels and pushed her through them. Jessica’s trainer worked hard with Jessica’s self-confidence, helping her to be sure of herself when giving answers and assuring her that when things got tough, they were working on areas that were most important.

We are so proud of our daughter. She never complained about coming to LearningRx. Her grades improved almost immediately. She has read a few books and was very proud of herself when she completed her first book. This child would previously do anything possible to get out of reading a book.

We wanted to see a change in Jessica’s confidence in herself. She would say many things about being dumb and that she couldn’t go to college because she was dumb. Who would have thought that in six months she would be applying for the “Seniors to Sophomores” program through The University of Akron for her senior year of high school? Students in this program go to college during their senior year of high school. There hasn’t been a word about feeling dumb. Now she wants to start college early! We couldn’t ask for anything more!

Parents of Jessica
17 years old