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True Story of Success: Dustin, 13 Years Old

LearningRx is the best thing that has happened to my son. Dustin was struggling terribly with several subjects in school. He was doing the homework just to get it done and not caring if it was right or if the answers even made sense. He would sit for hours at the kitchen table doing homework. Sometimes even crying because it just didn’t make sense to him. We discovered LearningRx when Dustin was in 8th grade. He was carrying a 1.something GPA. Mostly C’s and D’s. By the end of 8th grade we were seeing some improvement. Homework wasn’t taking as long to finish and he was a much happier kid. The start of 9th grade brought much anxiety for me but Dustin was ready. With a much different schedule and just having graduated from LearningRx, Dustin improved his GPA to a 3.5 and was on the high honor roll. I could not have been more proud of him! He takes pride in his work and wants it to be done right. He is just about to finish his first semester of 11th grade and is still getting A’s and B’s and is still on the honor roll. He has started talking about plans to go to college for crime scene investigation. I could not thank the trainers at LearningRx enough for what they did to help Dustin. I would recommend LearningRx to anyone who has a child who is struggling with school. It would be the best gift you could give them.