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True Stories of Success: Bryan, 21 Years Old

LearningRx has proven to be a tremendous experience. After not being accepted to the degree program of my choice and struggling through three years of school at UW-Madison I had become full of self-doubt, and lost most of the confidence I had during my high school years. As hard as I tried, I had issues maintaining attention in my classes, processing information efficiently, and retaining information despite what I believed to be adequate hours of studying. This led to test anxiety and an overall negative attitude towards school, along with a feeling of not being qualified to apply for internships in my field of study. I ended up taking a semester off and decided to complete a brain training program at LearningRx. It is without a doubt the best decision I’ve made during my college years. They addressed the weaknesses above and created a brain training program that fit my needs. While my final test results, which showed phenomenal improvement, and LearningRx’s history speak for themselves, there isn’t a number that can be put on the confidence I’ve gained and the attitude adjustment that I experienced in just eight weeks. I believe that to be invaluable. I left with a new “go getter” attitude that I had been missing since my first semester of college, and I really do believe that I can accomplish everything I initially set out to do when I first arrived on campus. It sounds cliché, but I learned it is never too late to make a change and better yourself, and that’s exactly what happened to me. I hold everyone at LearningRx in the highest regards. Dena and her staff are excellent. My trainer, Jessica, was pivotal in my improvement. She helped me believe in myself again, and taught me many techniques that will go a long way in my academic success. I also learned that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you pick yourself right back up. This spring I returned to Madison with an excitement about school and my future for the first time in several years. I believe that LearningRx will prove to be a life changing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone struggling at any level from elementary school to college and beyond.