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True Stories: Justin, 16 Years Old

Ten years of frustration…
Six months to success

A Struggling Sophomore Discovers His Potential

By Justin’s parents, Sheree & Bill

When we started with the LearningRx program, we were already attending the Huntington Learning Center™, but noticed Justin was still struggling through his sophomore year schoolwork. They were tutoring him to bring him up to his grade level, but there was still something missing. Justin had been on Ritalin® since first grade, but it no longer seemed to be working. His grades were steadily dropping along with his self-esteem.

We tried adjusting his medication, but it only made him ill and uneasy. He wanted to stop the medication, but every time we tried, his grades plummeted quickly. He never ate much, had a hard time going to sleep at night, and the medication caused him to have some nervous tics, which we were all uncomfortable about. He did not want to be on medication anymore, and we did not want his grades to suffer anymore. We prayed for a solution to our problems…

One day soon after, we received some information in the mail about LearningRx. We thought, “Is this the answer to a prayer?” The article gave some statistics about children who no longer needed their Ritalin® after participating in the program. It also promised to pinpoint what Justin’s weaknesses were, and that they could train his brain. That seemed more along the lines of what we thought could help. He needed to learn how to process things better and faster, and to listen better to instructions that were given at school. He had a lot of problems understanding assignments at school, and therefore struggled with homework, which took all night every night! He had very little free time because school and homework were all-consuming. He was anxious to start the program because he wanted learning to come “naturally” like it did to other people.

The first changes we started to see were in his ability to do more and more of his homework by himself. He needed occasional help, but not nearly the amount he needed before. He also started to finish more work at school rather than bringing it all home. The most impressive thing to us was his sudden interest in reading large novels with 400 pages or more! He would always complain about reading in the past and do only what he had to do.

Before his training, we would constantly have to force him to read what was necessary. He chose his summer reading assignment books by which book had the least amount of pages! Now he carries a book everywhere and is always reading, even choosing a book over TV!

Justin has also stopped taking medication, is eating normally for a teenager, and is not wired at night like he used to be. His grades are heading upwards instead of down and he is doing it by himself!

There is another point I just have to share. Almost 10 years ago, when Justin was in first grade, he was tested by the public school district. The psychologist for the school told us he was not an auditory learner, so he was given a 504 Plan that mandated that his teachers were to make sure he was given visuals to learn. Those efforts never really seemed to help, but 10 years later, through the LearningRx program, his auditory processing jumped from a 9 percent to a 71 percent. His prior testing had also shown that he had a very high IQ in spite of the struggles. If that was the case, how could we tap into that potential? It was like Justin’s learning capabilities were locked in a room for which we had no key. LearningRx finally provided that key. We now look forward to watching Justin grow as a student and a person. We are thrilled with his success and only wish that we had known about LearningRx many years ago.

Justin’s experience is not unique. Lots of parents wait, expecting learning problems to disappear as the child matures. They rarely do. At LearningRx we offer affordable, accurate testing with no further obligation. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to help your child. Read other exciting testimonials and learn more about the benefits of Cognitive Training in Unlock The Einstein Inside. Search for a local LearningRx Center by entering your zip code or address in our Center Locator or go to