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The Presidents' Day Memorization Contest is Underway!

The Presidents' Day Memorization Contest is Underway!

If you haven't heard, our Presidents' Day Memorization Contest is happening now! For this contest, we ask LearningRx students, past students, or anyone who knows all 46 presidents to recite all presidents from memory while simultaneously doing something on video. In the past years, we have had people submit videos reciting the presidents while jumping on a trampoline, playing guitar, and so on.  

This year we hope it's no different! Submit your crazy unique idea to us before February 7th, two weeks before Presidents' Day! Read more about how to submit your video HERE or on  

Why all 46 presidents?  

At LearningRx, one of our first visualization exercises is to memorize all 46 presidents in order. You may think, "That sounds like a lot!" And it is. But through our unique programming, you will be surprised at how almost every student that goes through our ThinkRx program can recite all 46 presidents. We don't drill students or use flashcards to memorize the presidents, but we use a visualization list that helps students create images in their minds.  

Try your hand at memorizing the last ten presidents using part of our presidents' visualization list from our Cognitive Skills Game Pack


 When you look at these drawings, what's the first thing you see? A yawning sun (Johnson). Can you hear the loud yawning sound the sun makes as he stretches? What happens next? Oh look...the sun is getting nicked (Nixon) by a knife held by a Ford (Ford) balanced in a cart (Carter). As before, imagine everything in great detail, down to the color of the wheels on the cart. Be sure to "link" the images in your mind, thinking about what each image is doing and how it links itself in the list. Now finish the rest of the pictures. The Ford is balanced in a cart-mounted with a ray gun (Reagan). The ray gun is aimed at a bush (Bush), holding up a clothesline for hanging a clean ton (Clinton) of clothes. Of course, the other end of the line is tied to another bush (Bush) from which an "O" llama (Obama) is eating a leaf. 

Notice one of the llama's hooves is touching base. Who is calling him safe? (an umpire, ump). And what letters are on his chest protector? ('TR') (Trump). Running through those same pictures in your mind, name all ten presidents in this exercise.  

We are excited to see all the creative videos for the Presidents' Day Memorization Contest this year, and we hope you submit your video! The winning video will receive $100 cash, and the second and third place finalist will also win a prize. For more contest details and how to enter, click HERE. Or visit  

If this task seems complicated for you or someone you love, it might be worth looking into completing a cognitive skills assessment. At LearningRx, we can test your skills and uncover what may be causing your struggle. Contact your nearest center or fill out a contact us form on our website to get started.