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Take your free brain quiz!

Take your free brain quiz!

Would you like to get a snapshot of your cognitive skills (or those of someone you love)?LearningRx's FREE brain quiz will show you the strengths (and weaknesses) of your cognitive skills as compared to your peers. Weaknesses in auditory processing, memory, and attention skills can often go unnoticed for years, as we develop coping mechanisms – or simply avoid things that are difficult for us.

This brief quiz will give you new insight into how your brain works – and you may be surprised by what you find! Take the Learning Skills Discovery Survey today. Based on your observations of learning habits or struggles, this 3-minute survey will give you important insights into how you learn or why you may struggle with certain tasks. It’s easy to complete. The survey is based on observations of behavior, so you can take it for yourself, for your child, or for anyone you know well.

If you or someone you love is struggling to read, learn, or succeed in school or in the workplace, contact our brain training team via to help you learn why.