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Traveling With Young Kids for Thanksgiving

Traveling With Young Kids for Thanksgiving

Whether you're driving six hours to Grandma's house or flying to another state for Thanksgiving, traveling with young kids can be incredibly stressful. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for what's in your control, when traffic, flight delays, and bad weather can stretch your sanity to its limits.

1. Dress you child (and yourself) in layers.

Opt for slip-on shoes (to expedite airport screening) and clothes without a lot of buttons or snaps to avoid bathroom delays.

2. Bring a small stroller.

It's faster and easier than carrying a toddler through the airport and you can check it at the gate when boarding.

3. Wrap surprises.

Kids love surprises, unwrapping gifts and new toys. Perfect for those near-meltdown moments!

4. Preload a tablet with your child's favorite movies or shows.

Be sure to pack a kid-size headset.

5. Pack a small trash bag.

You can use this for dirty diapers, trash from snacks or dirty laundry on your trip.

6. Consider pull-ups.

Rather than dealing with an accident on the plane or long waits for the bathroom, use a pull-up—even if the child is mostly potty trained.

7. Put your child in the middle or window seat.

Aisle seats expose them to hot beverages on the flight attendance's cart.

8. Bring comfort items.

A favorite teddy bear or blanket can provide great comfort on a stressful trip.

9. Bring a pacifier or nurse on the ascent and descent.

The sucking will help with pressure in the ears.

10. Tell your child what to expect.

Explain what airport security will be like, as well as the flight itself. If you're traveling by car, talk about what to expect and consider creating a list of "I Spy" items (with pictures instead of words if your child is too young to read).