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Gather the family—it's National Game and Puzzle Week!

Gather the family—it's National Game and Puzzle Week!

Every year during the week of Thanksgiving, families across the country celebrate National Game and Puzzle Week by breaking out their favorite boards games, jigsaw puzzles, and card games. It's the perfect way to not only pass some time during the long holiday break from school, but also keep everyone's brain engaged! That's because different games, toys and puzzles help boost different brain skills that we use to think, learn, and remember.

Simon, for example, is an electronic hand-held game featuring colorful lights that make musical sounds when you touch them. Players must focus on the patterns they are shown and then repeat it back by touching those same colored light. The game increases the difficulty of each challenge the longer you play. The toy builds memory, attention, auditory processing, visual processing, and processing speed.

Jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, help strengthen attention, spatial reasoning, planning, and visual processing.

If you're headed to the store and not sure which games and puzzles to consider, you may want to start by downloading our FREE list of store-bought games, including which cognitive skills they boost. You can find it on our "Unlock the Einstein Inside" website: