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10 Ways to Celebrate National Family Literacy Day

10 Ways to Celebrate National Family Literacy Day

How important is reading? Consider this: According to The Children's Reading Foundation, children who aren't reading on grade level by the end of third grade struggle in every class, year after year, because more than 85% of the curriculum is taught by reading. It makes sense, when you consider that reading is how students get information to learn all the other subjects ... even math. 

November 1 is National Family Literacy Day and because reading starts at home, we've got some tips to help you incorporate reading into your child's life.

1. Create a reading nook. Choose a space with good light and make it comfortable and quiet. Add a cushion, pillows, a blanket and even a small table for a cup of tea.

2. Encourage older siblings to read to younger siblings. 

3. Schedule reading time. Designate an hour or so on a specific day (or two or three) to reading and prohibit the use of technology (e.g., TVs, computers and cell phones).

4. Do a book swap with families who share a similar reading level.

5. Involve distant family members and friends. Have Grandma red over Skype or encourage your student to read to a younger cousin over FaceTime.

6. Read a book together and then watch the movie together.

7. Pass a book around the room and have each family member read a page aloud.

8. Take books on the road when you travel ... or set up a tent in the back yard or fort in the living room for a fun night of reading.

9. Join a book club for families or head to the library for a reading-related event.

10. Encourage your children to write their own book or, if they're too young, to draw illustrations for a picture book you write together.

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