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Real-life Stories of 1-on-1 Brain Training

Real-life Stories of 1-on-1 Brain Training

Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or your teen is still struggling to pass classes in high school, you've probably researched (or even tried!) several ways to help them. Might we suggest a tool that targets and trains the root cause of learning struggles? LearningRx 1-on-1 brain training.

LearningRx has a helpful tool that allows you to find real-life success story videos based on age (kids, teens, adults, seniors) or improvement (attention/focus, confidence, memory, reading, real life) on These videos allow you to hear feedback from real clients. Sometimes the videos are told from the student's point of view, other times the video will feature parents, grandparents, teachers or even the student's personal brain trainer. This unscripted insight into the before, during and after of LearningRx 1-on-1 brain training programs allows you to hear about not only the changes in academic success, but also significant improvements in confidence, behavior, family relationships and even extracurricular activities! 

Need an inspiring example to get you started? Here's Wesley, a LearningRx graduate who went from worrying he wouldn't graduate from high school to being accepted into his top choice college!