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The Skills Your Student Needs to Live up to Their Learning Potential

The Skills Your Student Needs to Live up to Their Learning Potential

You already know your student is intelligent. But maybe this past year's performance doesn't seem to measure up to what you know to be their potential. You're not alone!

The good news is, no matter how your student fared this last year, there's a set of skills they can strengthen this summer to make learning easier and fun in ANY subject: cognitive skills.

What are cognitive skills?

Cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable kids to focus successfully, think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember and solve problems. Those skills include auditory processing, visual processing, short and long-term memory, comprehension, logic and reasoning, and attention skills.

Can bright kids need brain training?

If just one of these brain skills is strengthened, it can positively impact the brain's ability to perform efficiently. And yes, even brilliant students can enhance their cognitive skills. For example, a student with an above-average IQ may need to improve their working memory. This might make it easier to remember the assignment a teacher gave verbally or what they learned right before a test.

How do I find out which skills need strengthening?

If you think your bright student isn't living up to their learning potential, a one-hour LearningRx Brain Skills Assessment can help determine the underlying cognitive skills in need of a tune-up. Visit to find your nearest LearningRx Brain Training Center to schedule an assessment.

What happens if a student needs to strengthen their cognitive skills?

Our center directors and personal brain trainers can help you navigate your student's learning by assessing their core learning skills. They'll go over the results of the Brain Skills test and help you determine next steps. If one or more cognitive skills is weak, you may want to consider enrolling your student in LearningRx one-on-one brain training. LearningRx uses intensive, game-like exercises designed to target and strengthen the weakest cognitive skills. When ALL the cognitive skills are strong, it's much easier to learn, understand, plan, and recall information, among other skills necessary to excel in school. Visit to learn more about our programs.