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6 Crafts for Kids Using Stuff You Probably Already Have

6 Crafts for Kids Using Stuff You Probably Already Have

Looking for some fun craft ideas that won't break the bank or require you to run to the store at all? We've got 6 ideas that allow you to work with items you probably already have around the house!

1. Create a board game.

Glue or tape paper to a piece of cardboard and let kids create, design and decorate it! Game pieces could include coins, buttons, small toys, etc. Half the fun is getting the family to try out the new game together!

2. Make a time capsule. 

Using a shoebox or old pot with a lid, encourage family members to fill it with token items that represent the times. Then encourage each family member to write a dated letter about their life: current pets, favorite music or TV shows, friendships, etc. to include before the time capsule is buried.

3. Dye hardboiled eggs ... with food!

You probably have lots of ingredients in the kitchen that contain enough coloring to dye eggs. Consider colorful spices like turmeric, purple cabbage, beet juice and even onion skins soaked in water! Then use paints, White-out or stickers to decorate.

4. Make your own scented playdough.

Don't worry, you won't need cream of tartar! We found this recipe from mom that only requires a few common ingredients:

5. Craft paper plate fish.

Using bright colors, paint a paper plate with stripes, polka dots or other designs. Then draw an eye and use other pieces of paper plate to attach finds, a tail or a mouth (like a swordfish). Poke a hole in the top hang with string or dental floss.

6. Design your own mask.

Using paper plates, or strong paper, cut out eye holes and a mask shape and then decorate. Attach a popsicle stick or dowel handle.