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FAQ: Can personal brain training help with memory decline?

FAQ: Can personal brain training help with memory decline?

August 21 is Senior Citizen's Day and we think it's the perfect time to answer one of our most frequently asked questions: Can LearningRx personal brain training help with memory decline?

The short answer is YES! If you're noticing an abnormal level of forgetfulness and an inability to recall things from the past, LearningRx offers one-on-one brain training and cognitive development programs that can help improve your performance and enhance your quality of life. 

Training your brain properly can significantly increase your memory.

Many speculate about the benefits of different types of brain training games and options in the marketplace.

The key to successful, results-oriented brain training lies in neuroplasticity, which involves your brain’s ability to form new neural connections (and strengthen itself).

While research shows that brain training games and online apps don’t produce significant results, our brain training programs have produced significant results related to better memory skills, because our programs are intense and structured to help the brain build those important connections.

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