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October is National Dyslexia Month

October is National Dyslexia Month

October is National Dyslexia Month and what better time to learn more about your struggling reader's unique needs and how to address them? 

Did you know that approximately 85% of all reading struggles are caused by weak auditory processing skills? This cognitive skill is what the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds. it's the found to reading success and why brain training techniques that target and strengthen auditory processing (and other cognitive abilities) get such impressive results.

So, what are the symptoms of dyslexia in school-aged children? According to the Mayo Clinic, they include:

• Reading well below the child's expected level (for their age)

• Difficulty processing and understanding what they hear

• Problems finding the right words (or forming answers to questions)

• Difficult remembering the sequence of things

• Problems seeing (and sometimes hearing) similarities and differences in letters and words

• An inability to sound out the pronunciation of a familiar word

• Trouble spelling

• Taking a long time to complete reading and writing tasks

• Avoiding reading

How does one-on-one brain training help children (and teens and adults!) with dyslexia?

At LearningRx, we form a cognitive training program that pairs clients with their own brain trainer for a fun but challenging mental workout using game-like mental exercises. Most children work with their trainers for about an hour a day, with programs running 12 to 32 weeks.You can see the dramatic results here:

Although there isn't a universal test for dyslexia, LearningRx offers a Brain Skills Assessment that helps gind the root cause of reading, learning, and spelling struggles. The results of the assessment are used to create a personal brain training program for your student to target and train the weakest brain skills. 

To take a free brain quiz or schedule a more detailed Brain Skills Assessment, visit this page: