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Toys, Games and Apps That Boost Brain Skills

Toys, Games and Apps That Boost Brain Skills

Looking for some Christmas gift ideas that will help boost brain skills? Check out LearningRx team members not only review toys, games, apps, websites and books, but we also tell you which brain skills are boosted!

Interested in learning more about cognitive skills? Check out our page explaining what they are, what each brain skill does, and common problems when each particular skills is weak:

Need an example? 

Let's say you've noticed that your 10-year-old is incredibly smart but takes much longer that his/her peers to complete homework or tests. They may have weak processing speed (among other weak cognitive skills). Look for toys and games that boost processing speed. These items typically include time limitations of some sort or challenges to encourage the player to beat their own speed. Classic examples include:

• Boggle

• Speed Cup Stacking

• Catch Phrase

• Scattegories

• Bop It!

• Simon

We've even got a free list of store-bought games and which cognitive skills they boost! The list of common toys makes a great reference sheet when doing your Christmas shopping!