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LearningRx Announces a National Presidents Day Contest Runner-up

LearningRx Announces a National Presidents Day Contest Runner-up

9-year-old Girl Recites 45 Presidents While Doing Handstand

LearningRx, the world’s largest personal brain training company, has announced one of two runners up in its 2018 National Presidents Day Contest.

Dylann DelaRosa, a 9-year-old who went through a LearningRx one-on-one brain training program at the LearningRx Sugar Land center, impressed the judges by reciting all 45 Presidents while doing a handstand. Dylann’s talent and creativity helped her surpass students’ entries from across the country.

LearningRx’s annual Presidents Day Contest is designed to encourage kids across the country to create videos that demonstrate the memory and focus skills they improved with LearningRx brain training.

“This is one of the first things we have students master in our personal brain training programs,” explains LearningRx Sugar Land Director Syndee Howgate. “It quickly strengthens long-term memory, attention and other cognitive skills, while significantly boosting the student’s confidence. We’re incredibly proud of Dylann for being chosen as a runner up in our nationwide contest!”

To watch Dylann’s winning video and other submissions, visit

Please feel free to link to this video or broadcast it for an inspirational story this Presidents Day, February 19.