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LearningRx Reviews Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

LearningRx Reviews Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

February is Self-Esteem Month

LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company is sharing tips to help boost your child’s self-esteem. Here are some highlights from the article, “Overcoming Shyness: Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life”:

1. Remind them of past successes.

Highlighting past successes doesn’t have to mean just verbally reminding a child that they did something well. It could include framing a photo of their best dance recital, placing awards or trophies in a place of prominence, placing an announcement in the newspaper or family newsletter, or asking them to mentor a younger child on the piano. You can also “brag” to family members or friends within earshot of your child, or encourage a child just for attempting something new.

2. Provide opportunities for new successes.

Consider activities in which they can succeed and build self-esteem: an art class, music lessons, individual or team sports, mentoring younger children or helping serve others through volunteer work.

3. Get to the root of the problem.

According to Dr. Ken Gibson, author of “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake up the Smart in your Child” kids often beat themselves up over low academic performance. “It’s an endless cycle to try to raise the self-esteem of kids who aren’t performing well—especially if they’re placed into special education instead of trying to address the weak cognitive skills.” Gibson recommends one-on-one brain training to target weak cognitive skills. “When learning is faster and easier, kids tend to have more confidence.”

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