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LearningRx Reviews Fifth-grader’s Success With Personal Brain Training

LearningRx Reviews Fifth-grader’s Success With Personal Brain Training

Boy goes from poor grades and behavior issues to mostly A’s and B’s

LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, is celebrating the success of fifth-grader John who experienced significant changes in his life after going through the program.

John’s parents enrolled him in LearningRx personal brain training in Reston, Virginia after his grades were suffering, he had behavior and social issues, and he struggled with attention issues. He was being bullied and his confidence was very low. The school counselors wanted to put “slap a medical label” on John and told his parents to medicate him.

“We were really focused on if we could get him in an environment that encourages him to learn and he’s seeing progress in himself,” says John’s father, “then we think he can move along at a much better pace.”

Since completing the LearningRx program, John says his grades have improved, his social interactions are better and he no longer dreads going to school. He’ll now be in more mainstream-style classes.

“He’s able to explore new ideas and see what he’s enjoying,” says John’s father. “The world is open to him now. We were always worried he couldn’t find his way, but now he has to tools to chase his dreams.”

“The kid who went into fifth grade and came out of sixth grade is a totally different kid,” says his mother. “Knowing what we know and how [LearningRx] built a completely different kid—his grades are mostly A’s with a couple B’s—it’s worth every penny.”

Watch his video: