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LearningRx Reviews 8-year-old’s Success With Personal Brain Training

LearningRx Reviews 8-year-old’s Success With Personal Brain Training

Poor reader who called himself stupid now excelling and competing in Memory Masters

LearningRx the world’s largest personal brain training company, is celebrating the success of fifth-grader John who experienced significant changes in his life after going through the program.

TJ’s mother enrolled him in LearningRx personal brain training in Colorado Springs, Colorado after noticing that his reading struggles were getting worse and feeling that tutoring wasn’t making a difference. TJ was getting frustrated a lot and even told his mom that he was stupid.

“For reading, I had trouble figuring out the words,” explains TJ. “And I’d get the letters B and D confused.”

“I wanted him to be a confident reader,” says his mom. “And I didn’t want him to feel inferior. I wanted him to feel confident and capable.”

A cognitive skills assessment showed that TJ has weak reading comprehension and memory skills. Using these results, LearningRx designed a one-on-one brain training program to help target and strengthen those skills.

Since completing the LearningRx program, TJ’s confidence has soared! His reading dramatically improved and he actually decided to compete in a Memory Masters program in which he was able to memorize more than 500 facts!

“It was really cool!” says his mom. “He set the goal and he accomplished it! He achieved this Memory Masters status and got a t-shirt. I just knew this was tied into LearningRx.”

TJ now wants to be a paleontologist or an architect and we know he can achieve anything he wants. Congratulations TJ!

Watch his submission video: