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Free Download of the Book, “Unlock the Einstein Inside”

Free Download of the Book, “Unlock the Einstein Inside”

July 15 is Give Something Away Day

LearningRx Personal Brain Training Offering Free Download of the Book,

“Unlock the Einstein Inside”

July 15 is Give Something Away Day and LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, is giving away the digital version of “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child” by Dr. Ken Gibson.

The book, which offers training exercises and tips for parents who want to boost their child or teen’s cognitive skills, can be downloaded for free here:

“Smarter begins in the brain … for everyone,” explains Dr. Gibson. “Einstein didn’t have a bigger brain than the rest of us, but he did have a significantly greater number of active synaptic connections in his brain. These neurosynaptic connections became the network that produced his amazing intellect. Just as with Einstein, these connections form pathways in your child’s brain that process and retrieve information, analyze variables, and apply logic and reasoning—and they can be developed. This book will show you how to literally transform your child’s ability to learn and read … forever.”

Dr. Ken Gibson is the founder of LearningRx, which has 80 centers across the United States and programs in more than 40 countries. He spent decades developing programs to measure and train core cognitive skills, in the process training more than 1,000 professionals in education and psychology to use his techniques. Today, LearningRx is run by Dr. Gibson’s daughter, CEO Kim Hanson.

To find out more about how LearningRx personal brain training can help your child become a faster, stronger learner, contact your nearest LearningRx center via