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Traumatic Brain Injury Miracle: John Keller’s Amazing Journey to Recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury Miracle: John Keller’s Amazing Journey to Recovery

Traumatic brain injury. Crushed pelvis. Seventy (70!) days in a coma. John Keller may have survived the horrific motorcycle accident that derailed his life, but his fight for life had just begun.

After 14 surgeries and 344 days in the hospital, John Keller was released to go home—but life was anything but normal for the 34-year-old.

John says that, more than a year after his accident, his traumatic brain injury left him so impaired that, “I could meet somebody and forget their name in 30 seconds.” His vision, speech and ability to think were also impacted.

In this riveting video, John’s dad describes the mixed blessing of bringing his son home after 344 days in the hospital. He explains, “John went into the hospital on a gurney, in a coma, and we’re so thankful that he walked out. But what do you do after they walk out? John had come to a certain level in his understanding, his functions and his speech, but he needed to go further.”

Traumatic brain injury is a leading cause of death for persons under 45 years of age, and someone suffers a TBI every 15 seconds. In fact, in America alone 5 million people suffer some form of TBI disability.

The Kellers found help at LearningRx. More than a year after his debilitating TBI, John experienced a dramatic turnaround through brain training. In this video, you’ll see John before and after brain training at LearningRx, and the differences are truly remarkable. In fact, John was recently named LearningRx 2011 Student of the Year.

His dad summed up the life-changing improvements John experienced after brain training by saying, “He can see better, he can hear better, he can talk better, he can think better, and he is better,” adding, “We’re just thankful for all LearningRx has done. It’s made a tremendous difference. As we’ve spoken to people who have their children, their husbands come out from a traumatic brain injury, what do you do next to get them to the next level? I really believe that the answer is LearningRx.”