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Did you see The Biggest Loser last week? We are that "Brain Training Company"!

Did you see The Biggest Loser last week? We are that "Brain Training Company"!

When Phil and Amy Parham’s three-year-old son Rhett was diagnosed with autism, they pursued a variety of therapies for six years. Amy says, “Some helped and some didn’t.”

Today, Amy says, Rhett is reading, doing math, and is participating in “regular” classes–thanks to brain training provided by LearningRx.

The turnaround in Rhett’s struggle with autism came unexpectedly when the couple was selected to compete on “The Biggest Loser.” Phil and Amy—who began the show weighing a combined total of 560 pounds—went on to lose over 200 pounds over the course of the show and, in the process, share their story—and the story of their autistic son—with a nation.

As a result, they were contacted by one of LearningRx’s 70 brain training centers.

On The Biggest Loser “Where Are They Now?” television special that aired on November 24th, Amy talked about the profound difference that LearningRx’s brain training programs have made in the life of her son.

“My youngest son Rhett is autistic. We were told there were lots of things he could never do,” she said during her interview on The Biggest Loser follow-up special. She added that, as a result of the brain training provided by LearningRx, “now he can read, he can do math, he’s in regular classes.”

LearningRx is a brain training company that provides one-on-one training that strengthen the underlying cognitive skills that make learning possible. Students diagnosed with autism, ADD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities experience measureable and significant improvements after completing LearningRx’s targeted brain training programs. In fact, students score higher on IQ tests–an average of 15 points higher–following brain training offered by LearningRx.

The Parhams credit The Biggest Loser for many good things and great opportunities–such as the LearningRx connection–that have come their way as a result of being on the show. Explaining that LearningRx contacted them about their autistic son as a result of Phil and Amy’s appearances on The Biggest Loser, Amy said, “We are so thankful to The Biggest Loser, for not just the opportunity they’ve given us, but also for the opportunities they’ve given our kids.”

She said, “The Biggest Loser has given us our lives back.”